Saturday, September 26, 2009

John Phillips wrote , "You can't trust a Monday" Are you kidding me ? Children should be able to trust their fathers biological or otherwise.

My favorite childhood memories are of when I was alone and talking to God only I didn't know that's what I was doing . I remember enjoying this song in the back seat of the car and with each corner turn I would slide around on the seat only to be stopped by the door and the only belts that I remember were the ones that were not in the car.

Mackenzie Phillips is alleging something really terrible. I believe her but unfortunately she is going to feel the wrath and division of her family.
Adults who have sex with minors are horrible, HORRIBLE, but to prey upon your own children is unfathomable no matter if it was consensual or not. Adults who are seduced by children or teens should set them straight ASAP. It will ruin you if you don't. You can't get any lower than this.

That idea of free love sure cost a lot, it actually costs you everything. Some poor souls are still mentally paying for the 1960's while others will pay an eternity for those years.


Lola said...

This latest admission from Makenzie is somehow not too surprising, since she seems to have lived a train-wreck and at the same time horrific life.

I couldn't watch her interview with Meradith on Good Morning America in one sitting.

I hope she is surrounded by supportive people and maybe she'll find some people of prayer and will experience some healing.

belinda said...

Chyna has publicly supported her sister and even better still is that Chyna's in a christian singing group. Billy Baldwin must of gotten to her. Thanks be to God. Now somebody go and get Billy and bring him back to his Catholic roots.
Christ is working in that family. It's so cool too because Jesus really only needs one person to get that ball rolling.

I keep thinking of how we really do pay for our parents sins.

JJC said...

Of all the people and sites that link with us, you are my instant new favorite. -- Jeffrey Jolson, Editor and Publisher,

belinda said...

Thank you for your kind words. My blog administrator (my husband) and I will bond and giggle over those nice words of encouragement. I have 4 regular blog readers. I will make you number 5, I hope you can remember your number. I will send you a virtual jersey so you wont forget.
Perhaps your actually "Apu" the funny guy that works at my local quickie mart and sells gas and corn nuts to me..... Hum........Thank you for visiting.. Belinda