Thursday, September 24, 2009

They must be under some sort of an artistic spell.

I went to a yard sale this morning where an artist was selling some of his pottery and after viewing his work I thought to myself ,"I should'a been an artist". Then he said that he and his partner had too much stuff to get rid of. I said , "yeah, it's the American way" and then I thanked him for letting me look at his things.

(There's no point in arguing anymore. I try to share the love of Christ that's my only goal now. This battle has been lost.)

Then at the next sale I came across another artist ( I should'a been an artist) where an old woman was selling a terrible painting that had been torn away from it's frame ,yet the poor dear who painted it refused to sell the frame separately. I told her that I understood and that I was fine with that. Then she said that I would have to buy the painting with the frame and that she would need $150.00 dollars for it because she's in an "art club" and that's how much "art club" paintings go for. (I should'a been an "art club" member) I patted her shoulder and thanked her for letting me look around at her things and then I told her that I didn't have that much cash with me (never do) and that I would have to practice some self control and let the painting go even though at times I struggle with self control and as I walked to my car I though to myself. I also live in a pretend world that's odd and outta touch with reality. Thank's be to God.


Melody K said...

God loves you for being nice to the aspiring artists; sometimes they don't get many kind words.
I was in an art club years ago. We had a pre-Christmas sale. My paintings sure weren't marked $150, more like a tenth of that, and the frames were included. I was elated when I came back from break to have another club member tell me, "Some lady bought 5 of your paintings!" Then I looked at the name on the check. It was my mom.

Lola said...

You are an artist. I remember the Santa Sliegh you made last Christmas...

BTW, "There's no point in arguing anymore. I try to share the love of Christ that's my only goal now. This battle has been lost."

But, we know who wins the War. (I read ahead to Revalation.)

belinda said...

Melody,that cracks me up. Mom's are the best !
We should start an art club. I could use 150.00 !

Yes Miss Lola!!! We win !!!
I'm delighted that your still blogging with me. I though that I might have frightened you with my China rant. Sorry.

belinda said...

Miss Lola, Don't real artists need papers to prove it? Degrees? Do wannabes count?