Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Catholics in positions of authority and all who teach our Holy Catholic Faith.

Please stop dumbing down the "rubrics" and fixing this game for us.
Tweaking our Catholic faith to make it easier for us to digest gives us no real satisfaction of accomplishment in the end.
We don't need for you to make it more fun or more entertaining. It just has to be authentic.
Our faith is supposed to be hard and many people in positions of authority are producing spiritually lazy Catholics.
The word "rubrics" is used to indicate the general laws sometimes to mark a particular indication, but always to furnish an explanation of the use of the text, hence the saying: "Lege rubrum si vis intelligere nigrum" (read the red if you would understand the black). Thus in liturgical books the red characters indicate what should be done, the black what should be recited, and the Rubrics may be defined as: the rules laid down for the recitation of the Divine Office, the celebration of Mass, and the administration of the sacraments. In some respects the rubrics resemble ceremonies, but they differ inasmuch as the ceremonies are external attitudes, actions considered as accidental rites and movements, while the Rubrics bear on the essential rite.
* We are in a spiritual battle for our souls.....Don't just stand there, punch back.

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