Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Atheists , and people of non- belief.

The cube didn't magically appear one day and fall into an ordered shape. There was a creator. The cube has a function of engaging and delighting the human mind , but just because it's hard doesn't mean that we should hate it's creator , or hate the people who love the creator and his cube. The cube should not be simplified for you in order for you to love the creator, and for you to say that the creator doesn't exist because you don't understand the cube or because you're angry with his creation doesn't make any sense at all .

If you say that you would believe that the creator exists if certain changes were made to satisfy your ideas of how things should be done is simply rather arrogant.
Who are you that the creator should have to explain himself or answer to you ? You are subject to the creator it's not the other way around and beings with far greater intellect than yours have fallen for this.

Christians love you and are praying for you and even if you don't feel the same way about us. The creator of the universe waits for you. Nothing is sweeter to him than the heart of a repentant sinner. God's existance is real, suit up and get in the game.

*I'm not equating God with the cube guy , I'm just trying to make a point.


Divine_Contemplative said...

Hi, Belinda! My name's Gary and I found your blog at random. After about ten random "next blogs" I find one centered on Christianity, and this is refreshing.

About theodicy -- how God can be just in an unjust world -- it's important to keep in mind that people hurt and God does allow them to express their lack of understanding, if they express it to Him openly through prayer (Psalm 22, for instance).

Remember that people who are angry with God are actually basing their arguments off of emotion rather than reason. You're absolutely right that God doesn't have to tailor Himself to our preferences, and that making that demand is absurd. However, it's better to approach this issue from an emotional slant rather than arguing logic with them, since this is about feelings rather than rational evidence.

I like how you end with a plea/invitation to come to God, who loves us and longs for us to enter into covenant relationship with Him. What I think this post lacks, though, is the point that "God is close to those who are crushed in spirit." I think that's a far better angle for handling bitter cynicism.

belinda said...

you wrote..."God is close to those who are crushed in spirit."

How perfect are those words. He is indeed !
I suck at writing , you just don't know that yet. Thank you for visiting. Come back and chat anytime.

Lola said...

Some folks just don't get that they're owed no explaination on why God does, doesn't, or permits...

I think you were eloquent!

belinda said...

Thank you Lola, next time anxiety comes a knock'in I will repeat.... Lola says's I'm smart, Lola says's I'm smart. Maybe that will help.


D.C. I think that often times people can't see things clearly until they are shown ideas with concrete examples. I am a visual learner. I have trouble with encyclicals and such. It has to be shown to me I have to visualize a thought, and I have a simple faith.... sad but true. I want to be like my blogger buds that quote this Pope or that Saint , but I can not. I have to be myself it's all I got. :)

Enbrethiliel said...


I think you do a good job as yourself, Belinda! =)