Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear thieves, murderers ,and creepers far and wide,

I dreamt that I was driving through Kansas City wearing my best outfit because I was invited to attend some sort of a function. While in route I saw things that I wasn't looking for, or supposed to even see. I won't go into the details but know this, that when you sin your never alone ,even if you think that you have complete privacy. When you plot and lay out evil plans in your head or on paper God always knows, and people often forget about the workings of the Holy Spirit who requests prayers to thwart your deeds. Satan is no respecter of you or of your privacy and he won't keep your sins a secret. Well , not for long unless he's saving you for some sort of entertaining crash for later.
Now, if you were to ask me if I second guess myself and wonder if perhaps my prayers prayed for strangers who I have dreamt of are pretend , I would say not anymore.

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