Thursday, October 22, 2009

Honest , Mr. Lincoln, I can see that your skeptical, but Joseph wants to dress up as you for trick or treat this year.

I finished the top hat today and it turned out okay.
These projects never turn out the way that they're pictured in my head, which can be very frustrating.
I used the new glue gun that my project financier had bought for me. It's just like the one that Lincolns "hatter" had used in 1854 ;)
Next I will produce a bow tie and alter the boy's suit coat.

Hum, what to do about the beard?
I suppose that Joseph will have to grow his own and he only has 8 days left to grow something grand.
Maybe daddy can help the boy score a beard , otherwise he's going to wear mascara smugged all over his chin beside to the chocolate drool and pixie stix sugar dust.

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