Thursday, October 22, 2009

The sorghum maker, at Silver Dollar City.

Jack the mule is harnessed to the sorghum cane press.
He is encouraged to walk in circles and as he walks it turns the press.
Jack kept stopping in front of Grace. He must have known that she liked him.

This young man keeps some of the sorghum cane at his feet as he feeds about three to four canes at a time into the press. The spent canes are piling up to the right and they are fed to the cows. I was told that the cows love 'em.

You can see the bucket with the burlap bag covering it to keep out pieces of spent stalks and impurities as it catches the dribbling cane juice . It looks like green water.
The cane juice is strained again with
another burlap bag then put into this homemade wood stove. This juice has to be boiled down for about 6 hours. It's continually being strained of the green frothy foam, impurities, and cane pieces .The green froth that was removed will be fed to the hogs and they also love it. The better quality sorghum has been well strained and skimmed for impurities which had not been left to boil down into the final product.
The finished product was simply put into hot jars and either kept for personal consumption or traded for other goods. It has a dark brownish color with a green tint. Sorghum molasses is not the same product as blackstrap molasses which is a sugar cane product and is entirely different.
Our family uses sorghum for bean recipes and once for a ginger cake.


Vincenzo said...

That's funny I was just talking to Cathy about ginger cake today. I want some!

belinda said...

It really wasn't any good because it tasted too healthy. Cakes must have frosting and not a ginger syrupy kinda thing, but sorghum is an exellent product in beans which I would think wouldn't be that bad for you. In fact I'm told that diabetics should eat beans because it helps to regulate blood sugar and sorghum does have nutrients in it.

Vincenzo said...

"..but sorghum is an exellent product in beans which I would think wouldn't be that bad for you..."

I've never had it.
I'm craving pumpkin bread now, or carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting.
I ate two seasonal Ben and Jerry's today - apple pie and pumpkin cheesecake ice cream.