Thursday, October 22, 2009

Silver Dollar City, Day 3

Every day begins by marching veterans through main square and then saying the pledge of allegiance followed by the Star spangled banner. The air is filled with cinnamon sugar and you have to file past the bakery when you enter into the park. There are several wood fires burning throughout the park for miscellaneous crafting purposes and they smell terrific too.


Lola said...

This summer I hope to take the darlings on a roadtrip home for the Polish Family reunion.

Hoping to stop by Arkansas Diamond Mine, Metropolis IL, Memphis' Graceland, and now you've reminded me of SDC!

I hope you enjoy the cinnamony goodies!

belinda said...

LOLA !! I'm going to the diamond dig too !!

ignorant redneck said...

Silver Dollar City still exists? It's still open!

I went there many years ago, at 12 or 13, and loved it!

belinda said...

Mr.Red, It's open and it's better than ever. Most everyone that works there is a christian and it shows.(My husband and I like it better than Disney) I always enjoy going to see the craftsmen. If you go, take your grandchild (I think you have one if I remember correctly) he or she would love it. Stay at the Silver Dollar City camp ground. It's clean and it's quiet this time of year.

I read what you wrote yesterday concerning the Anglican conversions. I too am surprised that people complain about this.. It's kinda unbelievable you know considering that we are supposed to be welcoming Christians and all.
I read your stuff and then think , hum, the stuff I write about sucks... hahahaha
(but true)