Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah !

I can't say how old our eldest daughter is but she's getting up there.
She's the sweetest person ever , just like her Dad and we love her dearly.
She's kind to a fault and she has a brilliant mind , and although she laughs a lot I can't remember her ever producing a good joke.
She has a knack for spilling things on herself and
she's an excellent cook ,but a terrible housekeeper which of course drives me crazy whist I eat.
She will be finishing her masters degree program in public health at the end of August, but she thinks that she will continue her education.
Her ex-boyfriend has become a pest , but she feels bad for him. The foolish boy couldn't make up his mind , but now he has, nope he hasn't, oops not sure , nope not going to commit , well maybe , but probably not , still thinking about it, yes he's finally sure. He wants her back , oops too late.
Sarah has made the decision for him, now the sorry young man is S.O.L.


Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday to the lovely Sarah

Melody K said...

Hope Sarah had a nice birthday!