Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I dreamt that Satan was speaking with me. (That can't be good ! )

He said to me ; I'm going to kill you and here's how I'm going to do it, I will send Bacchus,(I think it was something like that... AKA Dionysus) and you will be outside and you will hear a dog barking and a loud motorcycle and as you hear the motorcycle coming closer to you , you will know that he is coming for you and there will be no where to hide. In the dream I'm saying to myself .... oh, great, think, think, surely I can get out of this and then I woke up because the neighbors dog was loose and barking next to my window.

*The above painting is of Bacchus by Leonardo da Vinci.
*Disclaimer, I'm sure that the real Satan has authentic saints to torment. I'm a low level christian. I do grunt work... nothing fancy here folks.


Lola said...

I've had my share of vivid dreams lately, none this interesting.

Sugar, he's got plenty of time for you.

We're all called to be saints, and you're already on the right track!

Drunk drivers scare the crappers out of me tho. And the fear of the biggest drunk Bacchus or today, Dennis, on a motorcyle, is only surpassed by a texting sociopath driver named Candy.

But, no matter I wouldn't believe a word that nasty ole Scratch says. He can make an educated guess but can't know the future, or the crazy twists and turns a Human will can make! All those deathbed conversions...

belinda said...

Thinking about him steals away time that could be spent with Christ.

No matter, we all have to die of something. I hope to go back to our God who created me for himself even though I certainly don't deserve to be in his presence. I'm counting heavily on Divine mercy.

* I didn't know who Bacchus was until I googled it.

Lola said...

Divine Mercy,

You and me both!

Enbrethiliel said...


Belinda, if the only place Satan can get to you is your dreams, then you're on the right track! May St. Michael the Archangel watch over you and Mama Mary throw her mantle over you!

belinda said...

Thank you for the prayer Miss E.