Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Killing me softly with her song.

Dearest Ana Banana,
Remember the evening back in 2006 when you borrowed your Dads credit card to pay for a Pat Benatar song sheet that you purchased over the Internet so that you could sing "love is a battlefield" for talent day at your old high school ? (you were awesome by the way) Remember you had to "enroll" in the sheet music club to purchase music to study for the performance? Well good news because you've been a member in good standing with "the sheet music club" for the last three years, only you didn't know it and with more precision and accuracy than an atomic time clock the "club" continued to charge us a fee of about ten dollars every month for the last 3 FRIGGING YEARS.

Of course , I thought it was something that Dad was buying and naturally he thought it was something that I was buying.
So I will attempt a little math problem , let's see -12 months X's 3= 36months X's $10.oo = $360.00 . I'm imagining that was just enough money for a monthly payment for me to be enrolled in the "Hot tub on my porch" club. It's been a dream of mine that I would be soaking in a tub with my blog administrator and that you and your siblings would bring us food and drinks and tell us how special we are.

I have to rest my brain now and for Christmas your going to get a framed song sheet of " Love is a battlefield " by Pat Benetar - autographed by your Dad.
Love, Mom
*FYI, I will die long before I ever get to a nursing home.

*Ana's version was much more modest than Pat's was.


Lola said...

Maybe Ana Banana could start a "hot tub club" fund for mum...

(It's a dream of mine too!)

belinda said...

I've missed you Lola and I was begining to worry.
I don't really care about a hot tub, I am trying to make a point. I would like for my children to become a lot more responsible. (that goes my me too, I should have investigated this matter long ago) I avoid money because I hate arguing about it.

I think my husband would enjoy a hot tub, in fact I'm sure of it.

Lola said...

I was away with my Lazlo, while my mother watched the darlings.

I came home to reality last Friday and have been cleaning cleaning cleaning. And the place is still a wreck.

belinda said...

Yeah, I know. It's like a frat party exploded when I'm gone. Ugggghhhh