Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aging with grace

I'll be having a birthday in a few weeks and I wonder as I age if the activities that I have been doing are age appropriate. I wonder if I'm acting my age and how does a person act their age? I wonder if people laugh at me behind my back when I ride our razor scooter or climb to the top of the playground ropes with Joseph. (I also have tea parties and cookies with Rose, but it's generally in the kitchen so I have no spectators.) How long should old women wear their hair and are my skirts are too short for my age. Can I still wear shorts ? I'm not after all pretending or trying to be something that I'm not. I wouldn't want to be young again for anything. I'm a lot smarter than I was and I'm a much kinder person now. Heck ,I'm not even the same person I was in my 20's and 30's thanks to the handiwork of God.( I got his backhand - many times ;). Raising 8 babies was hard work and I enjoy having a bit of time to myself now. I think it's kind of phony to color my hair but my maintenance man prefers for it to be brown. I wonder if I'm too old to use the words from the Urban dictionary, or to listen to Aerosmith or Justin Timberlake? So much to ponder, but wait I just noticed that it's all about me again.
I better stop it and pray for somebody else. So many people to pray for and so little time.


Lola said...

Too old to listen to Aerosmith?

Honey Steven Tyler could be YOUR father! Or your uncle.

Pray for me and I'll pray for you!

God Bless you Belinda and happy early birthday!

belinda said...

Seriously , he's my dads age. hahahaha

belinda said...

I'll pray.

belinda said...

Mr.Tyler is a young 62 , my dad is 68. Not off by much though.

pinksy82@comcast.net said...

Karl Rahner SJ said that Christ is eternal youth. If that is true, it is not only good, but our duty to stay young. Go look for Frank Sinatra on You Tube. He sings a wonderful song called, I think, it Young at Heart:

Fairy Tales Can Come True,
It can happen to you,
If you're young, at heart,
Don't you know that its worth every penny on earth.
to be young at heart,
For as rich as you are,
You're much better, by far, if you're young, at heart.
And if you should survive, to 105,
Look at all you surmize out of being alive,
And here is the best,
You'll have a head start,
if you are among the very young at heart.
It was one of my Dad's favorite songs.

"I'm not even the same person I was in my 20's and 30's thanks to the handiwork of God"...ME TOO!

Melody K said...

I'm having a birthday soon, too (February). My rule is, if you can still do the activities, and still like them, they are age appropriate!
I agree, I wouldn't want to go back, it's better to be where I am. No matter what happens, or how lousy a day I have, at least I never have to be in 7th grade again.

belinda said...

Miss Melody, 7th grade was the WORST!