Saturday, January 16, 2010


Elizabeth said...

Hey Mom!
ewww! Did you find ANOTHER snake recently? or is this the one from before? Ugh...that's creepy! I guess everyone is back at school now, so you must be getting a break! Happy birthday next week, by the way. I hope you have a nice day with lots of cake.

Here is a link to a film that my professor told us about it class. It's called the third and the seventh and it's about the third and seventh arts, Photography and architecture. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! I think it is the most beautiful film I have ever seen. This guy created the entire film in the computer, it's NOT photography. It is all imaginary from his soul and he created it with a 3D program and then just made really hyper-realistic. WATCH IT! it's AMAZING! and let me know what you think. None of it is actually REAL! Everyone in the animation and digital art world is stunned by this.

belinda said...

New snake, dead snake.
I loved the swaying trees. They did look real. I suppose we should be skeptical when we view films and photographs. Ana's propaganda professor would have a field day with this kind of film considering it's various potential applications. It's amazing though. I still love the charming old films. I hope that people wont forget about the old films.

On Tuesday morning I will mail two packages to you. I will send you an email telling you when they're supposed to arrive. I couldn't find "Little Bear" cheesy puffs so I am sending the next best thing ;) Don't tell Ana because she'll expect cheesy puffs too. hahaha Ana prefers a crust of bread and a bottle of water anyway. She told me so.
Love you, Mom

BTW, check back because I want to post a beautiful water color that Grace had done of you as a child. I will frame it and Rose has some really cool sculptured fish that I also want to post. Dad bought them packages and packages of modeling clay.

Elizabeth said...

Eww, maybe you guys have a snake problem. Maybe because it's warm in the garage and there is cat food and water out?
I fell off my bike the other day because some car wanted me out of the road, and then I tried to get on the sidewalk and accidentally hit the curb just enough to make my bike slide, and mostly I was just really embarrassed, but now, a few days later, my side is hurting me. I hit think I must have hit it with the handle bar when I fell on the bike. Originally it felt like I had pulled a muscle, and it was feeling better, but today, it feels worse. I must have strained it more while going to and from class with my heavy backpack. I'm gonna have to go to the doctor if it doesn't improve, because while sitting at my desk earlier, if I moved at all it hurt really bad. What a pain. I don't have time for health care! :)

I know what you mean about the old films, and I don't think that anyone is going to forget them any time soon. I was watching City Lights the other day, and it's still incredibly moving, even though everyone in it is long dead, and the humor is slapstick, but, it just seemed so human.

I think the incredible thing about these new technologies, is that you can create anything you dream of (or are inspired to make). It seems almost spiritual in that way, like the realization of a noble idea brings you closer to God.

Anyway, I was reading an article online about how hollywood fluff like Star Trek has affected human history. It made the really good point that entertainment, even light entertainment, is incredibly valid and useful. Because, the cel phone was invented by a guy who watched Star Trek and saw the communicator that Kirk used. Then, later the same guy invented voice recognition systems, which he saw the computer on Star Trek do. Another person working in physics is making plasma drives for new long lasting energy sources after watching an episode of Star Trek about it when he was a kid. Reading this, I had this realization that IDEAS are incredibly powerful, no matter how ridiculous they may seem at the time. The wright bros, I'm sure, seemed crazy to some... And, that imagining and dreaming are credible and dignified because they are from God. I am of the opinion now that even "light" entertainment can be very influential and noble.
Anyway, I just thought I'd share my epiphany with you...It really made me think about how important it is to dream and imagine and create...and on that note, I can't wait to see the artwork the girls made. Grace and Rose are really making advanced art for their ages. I wonder what they'll be when they grow up?
I'm really looking forward to cheesy puffs! :P

Poor Ana, just like an orphan from a Dicken's novel.."please Sir, may I have some more crusty bread? "
"MORE, MORE YOU SAY!!!! not another BITE!, harharhar!"

And with that bit of typed acting..I'll say goodnight.

belinda said...

Awww, I'm so sorry to hear that you fell off your bike. Let me know how you feel later in the week.

I brought the snake inside with the frozen wood. Our bored cats appreciated my effort.

Snakes don't eat cat food.
Snakes only eat red haired girls, I guessed he just missed you.

And the cheesy puffs were used as packing peanuts. ;)
Maybe they will be cheesy powder by the time that they reach your place ..... in the gheeetto-o-o-o. (the ghettoooooo)

belinda said...

Elizabeth, check this out !
Ward Kimballs stuff over on Ebay!!
So don't bid against me.