Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here's a little home video of our "fun time" activities.

My children have been home since the 17th of December.
They went to school last Tuesday but then the snow days happened.
I see no end in sight. I'm losing it, but at least I'm not this bad yet ;)

*I wonder how much the therapy for her children ended up costing her?
(I'm thinking of a word for her that rhymes with witch.)

Did anyone see those nuns in the crowd ?!?


Terry Nelson said...

My parents did stuff like this - when no one was looking of course.

belinda said...

I had a real eye opener just before confession yesterday. God told me that I've done this to my kids with words.

It was piercing and heartbreaking to hear. I'm a sinner and really nothing more , but it got worse. I dreamt about the cross that I carry and how poorly I've been doing that too. It's a religious freaky dream so I'm hesitant to post it.- Yeah, weirder than usual and it was very convicting.

When God gives you a smack down it's like no other.
I'm sorry that your parents didn't treasure you and treat you and your siblings with the respect that was due to you. It's unfortunate that we end up carrying that hurt with us for a lifetime.

It's really hard to be a good parent especially when your hurting too.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

This is, just, well, terrifying...believe me, I can understand the "thought"...but the "deed"?
And where was Daddy when this was going on?
belinda: your heartfelt "confession" was truly an act of humility; from confessions and talk with parents, I do know what you describe (and in my case, I'm a superior of a community, so don't think I haven't thought of something of this variety, but not exactly "knife-throwing"...yet....
Patience, forgiveness and acceptance of the foibles (and sins) of our loved ones is so difficult to learn sometimes.
Know that Jesus is helping you; I count on THAT a lot!

belinda said...

Father, I never entertain thoughts of violence. Oddly, I'm very particular about what I allow myself to think about because that's where the battle for my soul is won or lost. If and when I do lose my temper there was never any premeditation. It's spontaneous. You can only push a type "A" person so far.

I'm learning how to be a better parent from my blog administrator. (my husband)

belinda said...

and I'm trying to be a different type of person maybe a
"chill-axing" type "C" person. I don't wanna be an "A" anymore - too much pressure. ;)

Maria said...

This is my first visit. Hysterical. I will definitely be back for me. This is the sort of black Irish humour upon which I was raised. In fact, it was Mother's milk.

I find Catholic blogs authored by Moms to be highly amusing. They are HOLY WOMEN AND MOTHERS who would just NEVER have YOUR kind of thoughts. Thet are Saints.. ahem.And you are, on the other hand, oh, so, wonferfully human. I don't know who your are. But I think you are WONDERFUL. Ask Mary to help you. She will. I will say an Ave for you.

Maria said...

Belinda: The nun in the bakc is the best PART.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

belinda: Believe me, we type A personalities have to be "molded", not crushed!
I don't think of violence either (well, not regularly:<)!)...not around here, anyway...but getting in touch with our "root sins", whether or not we act upon them (and words can be more wounding than knives) and repenting of them is what conversion is all about.
Thanks for the reminder!

belinda said...

Miss Pinksy, Thank you for your prayers. I am always grateful for prayers.

I will tell my children that you think that I'm wonderful. I'm sure they'll be impressed ;)

Father, I hope that my comment wasn't taken as a correction for you. I wouldn't dream of correcting you EVER. That's not my place.