Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is arguing with God allowed? I know it's futile but is it allowed?

I dreamt that I was following behind Jackie Kennedy as she walked through the White House mourning and staggering in this beautiful tea length lace dress. I could feel her immense sadness and God asked me to pray for her but I told him no because I didn't like her.

Then I dreamt that I was visiting a few historic sites in Washington D.C. along the Delaware.
I prayed for three men who had been American patriots.
I was very fond of them ...... so naturally I prayed.
(The three men were climbing up a rope in front of a white clapboard building and trying to win some sort of a strategic battle in the dark while holding a lantern.)
Anyway, I prayed for Jackie today.
When I'm awake I always pray for people, whether I like them or not
but I learned that sometimes I can be stingy with my prayers .
I catch myself judging whether or not the person that I'm praying for really needs the prayers.
I never knew that I had a criteria system until today.
Yikes, I hope that God doesn't use that same system with me.
Sometimes I think, "I'm in big trouble."


Nan said...

I think it's typical to have a hierarchy of people for whom to pray; I try to remember to pray for people I actively dislike, but it's difficult to have an incentive to do so. I make a point of praying for those I know in need of prayers, especially my pastor and parochial presumption is that they need prayers not because they lack holiness but because they have so many people clamoring for attention and/or sacraments.

Lola said...

Jacob wrestled with an angel.

I think our dreams tell us a lot about ourselves.

I had one of those the other night but I've forgotten what was important.

belinda said...

Lola, I think when God tells us something important and we forget about it, it will come to us when we need to remember it. It's still in there.