Thursday, January 14, 2010

The serpentine dance - in our garage.

Rose... Dad, "there's a snake in the garage."
Dad.... I'll get it later.
Joseph .... "Dad, save the rattle!!"
Me ..... Get it now or I will never go into the garage again.
Me .... Oh crap, I must have carried it in with the wood for the stove and I had carried it next to my face but everything up close is blurry. I remember thinking that something fell off, but when I went back to look I had found nothing. Well at least it was a nice snake.
We've also had one in the hallway of our home before.
The kids had said, "mom, there's a snake right next to you." Naturally I scoffed.
My snake handler got that one too.
I don't think this is normal.

Annabelle Whitford Moore is pictured above performing her famous serpentine dance.
She was born on July 6,1878 in Chicago and died on December 1st, 1961.
She had been an employee of Thomas Edison and worked with him

I love those Kinetoscope and stereo card viewing arcade machines. The first time I saw one was at Disney World. The second time was this past year in
Minden Nebraska. It was such a bother too because the machine would only take a dime and who has a dime in their pocket? I bought a soda for $1.50 so I would have five dimes in change but the children fought over the soda so naturally I had to by five more sodas so that ended up costing me $9.00 but the pop machine only gave back quarters so I started begging strangers to make change for a quarter but who has dimes in their pockets? My activities director came through for me - as usual, he brought me a dozen dimes. Oh, the joy of that machine!

It didn't have dirty pictures like the machine I found over on eBay
but that machine didn't have dirty stereo cards either....Faulty advertising.

$2,500.00 - it didn't sell.


Melody K said...

Aaackk! Snakes, they freak me out. I'm with you, I wouldn't go into the garage with one.
Were you at Pioneer Village in Minden when you played with the Kinetoscope? We were just saying we ought to go there again. The last time I was there I was 15, so it's been awhile; I'm sure they've added a bunch of stuff.

belinda said...

We love that place. We have so many fun memories from there. They have a wonderful collection of antiques to see. The people in town are terrific too.
Check out the gypsy wagon on the main floor of the entrance. That was cool. Remember to take some dimes for that stereo card machine. I loved it! ;)