Monday, February 1, 2010

Express yourself - the little way of self deception.

Well she's Like a virgin , but not exactly
and at some point she becomes like a joke.
It's Like a prayer,
but not really because it's a fake God who you've created in your mind.
One that conforms to your agenda and your will
and is now only a poor reflection of the one true God written about in the bible
and that too becomes laughable at some point.

You've been a material girl and you've put things before people and
your "stuff quest" has caused harm to yourself and to others.
The price has been high only you don't know it yet.
One day, you'll be called before God and your going to have to explain why so much of what you had thought , said and done had been a complete joke.
You think, "I'll die another day" but it will happen in an instant.

And like Eve, in the end,
pleading a case of deception isn't going to get you anywhere.

Confessions on a dance floor.
I dread when it's my turn.
Jesus I trust in you.


Melody K said...

That picture is freaky. Kind of makes me think of Miss Havisham in Great Expectations.

X said...

Confession is scary enough...never mind the Judgement Day!

belinda said...

I saw Madonna on the net and wondered when her nonsense will end and why she doesn't age with grace.

I also wonder why so many Catholics throw their faith away or don't live as Catholics should.

Is our church failing it's people?
I don't know.

Enbrethiliel said...


I liked Madonna better when she was still flaunting her sacrilege. She was so obviously Church-haunted!

Then the Cabbalah (sp?) Cult got their claws into her and she stopped being even marginally interesting.

By the way, Belinda, that first picture may just give me nightmares tonight! Thanks a lot!

Lola said...

That picture reminds me of Dorian Grey!

(I'd hate to see what my 'real self' or soul looks like. Shallow Hal...)