Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I won't bubble wrap my boy. I'm trying to grow a man.

I hadn't been able to locate my older YMCA card with my photo ID but I found it today as I was cleaning my sons room.
He had framed it and now it's sitting on his nightstand with his other special things which include his pocket knife, his toy log cabin , his multi function pocket tool with sharp things attached, and his firetruck with a clock mounted inside (even though he doesn't know how to tell time yet). He also has a Long Ranger buckin' bronco, and his toy bomber airplane. Naturally all of this stuff , is strategically placed across from his red Ryder BB gun and "spike" his bandanna wearing mounted dear head who waits patiently and silently for me to hang him above the boys bed so as to cast scary shadows during the night. Oh , and I forgot about the Erector set with the broken motor because he shoved his finger into the motor and broke it. Still, I'm flattered about my photo and I'm glad that he doesn't know any tattoo artists.

The bad thing about parenting is that you don't know how your doing until it's all over.
*Pictured above is my YMCA photo. My blog administrator likes to make fun of my work out clothing and has offered to buy some new ones for me. Perhaps he finds me embarrassing.


Lola said...

Mr. Neilson is looking fine!

This post is so sweet. Your boy is really a little wonder.

But, I myself, would like to bubble wrap my kids, but bubble wrap doesnt' protect them from the real dangers.

I think you might have a little glimpse that your parenting is turning out more than okay. &-)

Enbrethiliel said...


Your younger self looks uncannily like Pippi Longstocking! ;)

Your son sounds as if he's going to be all right. =)

belinda said...

I bet my boy never ever sticks his finger into a moving engine/motor again. I hate it that we have to learn this way.

I wanna bullet-bubble wrap my 27 year old who lives in an L.A. ghetto.
Miss E. We have to wait until their final breath before we will know if they were raised right. If they go to hell when they die then
I would say no, and I did a poor job as a parent.
The parenting stakes are really high.