Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm having a pity party. Your all invited. Some of you may want to change outta your jammies or perhaps put some clothes on first.

Above you'll find your personalized invitation-see photo.

Consider bringing a side dish but please make it entertaining .

We'll be creating fun party hats.
With hot women and beer.
(I'm just saying that so that the guys will want to come too. There's no beer in Kansas.
Remember Carrie Nation?)

Here's what threw me into my party mood.

My washing machine, dishwasher ,and dryer wont be delivered until tomorrow , even so I plan on being disappointed. I woke up this morning to find TWO beds that had been wet upon. Apparently it feels bad to sleep in a wet bed so
you get up and find yourself another nice and dry one.
Then after my short order cook prepared breakfast,
our son vomits in the bathroom and of course his aim was off.
(Rose has the sick bug too)
I washed the bedding and the bathroom rug outside with detergent and a garden hose then I hung them out to dry and when I tried to clean out the wood stove
I didn't have what I needed to do that job either.
I also tried to use the vacuum on our rugs but apparently it doesn't work either.
(that's what happens when you vacuum the sidewalk/ garage)

So I sat on the front porch and cried.

I've decided I'm going to make myself a chocolate cake.
I'll make enough for everybody but I'm not going to wash the dishes afterwards even
though the rest of my house is practically sterile, but not alphabetized.
Please try to ignore my giant dirty laundry pile.

Can any of you bloggers sing ,"I've got a cross eyed Papa?"
Bring your instruments.


Holly said...

So sorry about your day. Really come use my washer and dryer! Hope things start looking up soon and that your Washer and Dryer show up!

Melody K said...

Seriously sucky day! Makes me feel lucky that all that happened here was a cat throwing up a hair ball. I think I better bring Margaritas instead of a side-dish.

Enbrethiliel said...


If it's any consolation, Belinda, you throw the BEST parties! =P

I think that if they don't deliver your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher by tomorrow, I just might go after them myself!

belinda said...

Holly, I love you, your such a sweetheart. I have in fact run out of clean socks and was wondering if I could borrow some. hahahaha

Just kidding- mostly.hahaha

I haven't had to do laundry for a while now. I'm being corrected for my bad attitude. All of those times when I told God how much I hated doing the laundry. I have been so ungrateful.

This whole incident has reminded me of what a sinful person I am and have been but without the graces of Mass and confession I wouldn't even be worth knowing.

I still suck and I always will.

I should not have lost my temper.

Next time I sit on my porch and cry you can come over and eat chocolate cake with me and tell me that I'm special and I'll do the same for you.

belinda said...

Miss Melody, If I start drinking I might not stop. That's also why I don't gamble. If I like something I just go all out. I've never had the grace or gift of moderation. I will work on that too during lent.