Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Three feet of trouble.

Our son was unhappy with the quality of care that I provide.
He bumped his head and requested a band-aid
but there was no blood so I wouldn't accommodate him.
As you can see he took the matter into his own hands.
At least his cat is pretty supportive.


Enbrethiliel said...


Oh, those eyes!

Lola said...

I've been running thru band-aids like crazy with my kids.

Innovative and creative is your boy!

belinda said...

Lola, Kids love bandaids don't they!?

I gave him a drawer in the bathroom for his bandaids. He's dramatic like his mother.

He doesn't know he had limits either. Kate blew up our pool with the vacuum and Joseph was furious with her. Sarah found him in the yard with a shovel and a hole and the water was going full blast and Sarah asked him,"what are you doing?" and he said, "I'm making a pool and I will need some concrete." He was 5 at the time.

He begged me for a bag of concrete for his birthday. This birthday I will make it happen.

Angela M. said...

I love this kid!

Melody K said...

Duct tape fixes everything!

nazareth priest said...

Yeah, cats are always supportive...usually when food is involved (this includes the canines, as well).
Duct tape is man'e best friend (Red Green).