Friday, March 12, 2010


Melody K said...

Nice stuff in the film clip (the toast got a little scorched, though!)
I spent the morning at the annual antique and flea market that comes to town in March. You would have enjoyed it, they had tons of vintage stuff. I took $20 with me and told myself I had to come home when it was spent. I am used to seeing toys I had as a kid described as antiques at those shows; but this time there was stuff my kids had, like the original Star Wars toys, and Masters of the Universe. Guess that means I'm getting old!

belinda said...

It sounds like you had a fun day!

We went to the museum of natural history at the University of Kansas where some of the animal displays from the 1893 Colombian worlds fair were kept.

Then we also went to an antique mall where I too discovered many items from my childhood. I saw a Panasonic radio that I had as a child and it was marked $45.00.
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What did you buy with your $20.00?

Melody K said...

I even had some change left. I bought a little green heart-shaped pendant which will be perfect for St. Patrick's Day; and a pink Depression Glass refrigerator dish. It even had an intact lid; a lot of times the lid is missing.
Sounds like you had fun, too. That's a cute radio, did you buy it?

belinda said...

No I didn't buy the radio and I was shocked by the price.

Paul bought some charming stereo cards for me so when I start a stereo card blog I'll be ready to go.

I love depression glass. I can remember pulling a glass out of a soap box at my grandmothers house sometime in the late
1960's. She was still using a wringer washer.

Gosh , they must have produced a ton of depression glass. I saw covered butter dish that held a full LB brick. It was so pretty but too expensive.