Sunday, March 14, 2010

In your highest girlie voice sing with me....
Sooooooooooulllll Train!

Who doesn't love these boys?
You may be wondering which person  I dance most like.. hum...
The answer is ... none of them.


Terry Nelson said...

Did people listen to this stuff in Kansas? And they knew how to dance to it too?

belinda said...

Why, yes Mr.Terry, In Kansas- if not for soul train how else would we have learned about black people?

And yes, we have music in Kansas and on occasion people like to dance - but not me. I use to watch class mates do the "robot" etc.. But I have no rhythm and I'm missing a groove thang to shake...

I have no music inclination what so ever. I'm artsy. hahaha (and I'm as good at art as I am at Catholicism, hahahaha AND blogging- I'm cracking myself up)

Even so, I love the Spinners, Donnie Hathaway, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and the Jackson 5 - when they appeared to be normal. I like Stevie Wonder now more than I did as a "tike". I especially love Dionne Warwick and her older stuff. (but she's psychic and she already knows) As a child I use to imagine that George Benson and I were related on some level but I couldn't figure out exactly how.

BTW.. I spoke with a man from Mexico last week and he said he use to watch "Speedy Gonzales" cartoons on Saturday mornings - Just like me! It's a small world and your freakin hilarious.hahaha

I suppose you thought that as a child my best friend was probably a cow - on the prairie... hahaha

Now can you say the SOOOOOOOUUUULLLL train logo?