Friday, March 5, 2010

"Our daughter Elizabeth"

Elizabeth was interviewed by a Japanese televison show. She's the beautiful woman with the long red hair.


Melody K said...

That's so cool, Belinda. (I agree, she is beautiful!)

belinda said...

Miss Melody, I miss her so much. She's our funniest family member. She's really down to earth.

It's just "art" it's not a cure for cancer and she knows that.

Artists are sometimes full of themselves but not her. She lives a simple life as she never had to have the latest things to make her happy.

Hold my hand Miss Melody, I'm sad because she's not here.

Melody K said...

I hope you can go out to visit her soon, Belinda (or maybe she can come home). I have one who's an artist; he's our funniest family member too.