Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kayak - You're a bunch of idiots!
You wouldn't even think about producing this kind of visual discrimination about the Muslims, gays, or blacks.

Ticking the public off is a stupid marketing idea.


Enbrethiliel said...


So tasteless . . .

belinda said...


Anonymous said...

The reply I got back from the company did not exactly appease my wrath. "Nuns are allowed to have fun..."

Unknown said...

Shouldn't it be Kayak - "You're a bunch of idiots." rather than "Kayak - Your a bunch of idiots." ?

belinda said...

Thank you "J", I will change it.

I too am an idiot however "I'm" a loyal Catholic and I would never betray our beloved nuns.

There would have been an outcry had they portrayed Mother Teresa in such light. I guess lesser known nuns are perfectly okay to insult.

BTW...my blog is full of mistakes that you might find entertaining. hahahaha