Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reasons why I age disproportionately  faster than you do.

  • Our 6 year old son decided he didn't want to do his math assignments over counting money. So he tore his  paper and wrote "no" under the questions he didn't like.. When confronted he said , "I hate money and I will never use money when I grow up!" I asked  him, " Well, how will you buy your food when your older?" He said, "I don't have to worry about that because I will kill everything I eat myself." I said , "Well that's fine and dandy but you forgot about hunting license's which require money and if you  kill an animal out of season you will have to pay a lot of money in  fines and court costs and don't even make me tell you about attorney fees. It's admirable that your trying to figure out ways to get off of the grid but knock it off, besides your going to have to learn how to barter and money is a good starting point. (You know as in- I'll trade my dairy cow for your shotgun. Come to think of it maybe you wont need money.)
  • Our youngest daughter has decided that she too wants to pick and choose which assignments she  participates in, so as you may have figured out she too may be  failing a few subjects which she also finds expendable. However I'm trying to reveal to her the ways in which her thinking has become defective. We don't expect for our children to be perfect people and we give them the freedom to be the people who God had intended for them to be when he created them but if your capable of "B's" then the "D's" and  the "F's" aren't going to cut it. This child is now in lock down- crunch mode.... and that  means no TV which doesn't' effect her very much but that includes movies... darn!

  • I asked one of our 16 year old twin daughters," Hey sweetheart, how did  school go for you today?" What's going on? She replied, I think my day went pretty well ! - I almost passed my tests! I came pretty close!...... She wasn't kidding.
God is killing me  v e r y  s l o w l e y  but effectively none the less.

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