Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yeah, I'm going down.

After I worked out at the gym yesterday an older man with a cane began to speak with me. He said, "Exercising is fun aye!" and I said, "Yeah, right!" and then I smiled at him as he began to tell  me about his medical conditions in thorough detail.... "precise thorough detail" but my head began to buzz and my stomach started to turn as I tried to catch my breath from the sit up machine I had just conquered. (Because if the circumfrence of my waist equals or exceeds the circumfrence of my breast size , I shall kill myself) I tried not to be rude as he pulled up his jean shorts (Daisy dukes) only to reveal way too much of his leg as he described what had happened to his vascular system after taking Lipitor. (ewww)  I stepped back because I didn't know how much more of his leg he was gonna show me and I wondered what my activity director  would have said or thought had he walked in on this scene but then I suddenly realized  that the room was begining to buzz and my head began to feel light as my stomach ached and I knew  I had 90 seconds to make a decision as I would shortly be on the floor. I knew I could either put myself on the floor the nice way or end up there the hard way so after I excused myself  I scoped out a comfy place to lie down and hide.(Unlike the pool concrete floor like last time) I couldn't see my activity director (my husband) anywhere so I snuck off  to an office room with carpet - ah, carpet and  as I laid on the floor like a crime scene victim in between the computer and office chair,  I prayed that no one would find me. It would have been so embarrassing. I was afraid someone might see me and scream.(I would have) After about ten minutes on the floor I emerged back to about  50% of myself again.  I got up and moved  to the public waiting room and I laid down on the entry couch and tried to look as "normal" as I could - just chill-axing on the couch.  When my activity director showed up  he was upset but not surprised as he  hates it when I pass out and apparently I don't breath properly when I do. I said to my husband,"Well I'm not enjoying this too much either mister and I especially hate it when employees come over to check on me even though they have always been so kind to me.
My activity director reminded me that I'm getting too old to do extreme exercises  and he said I'm not allowed to kill myself at the gym. I reminded him, I'm just trying to do my personal best in all that I do. That's all.

 I'm not scared to die anymore because I know I will pass out before it happens - Jesus I trust in you.

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Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

As I said on "The Crescat", what you endured was an "organ recital".
You are to be commended for your patience and kindness.
But, really, that is just TOO much!
I hope I don't get like that in my old age (if, in fact, I reach it)!
Rock, on!