Thursday, April 22, 2010

Remember the good 'ol days when Hillary Clinton would show up on the news and you would say to yourself , "Oh, great there she is - "The she devil !" But then you would correct yourself and say, "No way, she's not REALLY the devil, they're merely close personal friends that's all.
Fast forward two years later and now when I see her I think, "Hey , there's Hillary!"  I wonder where she's been prowling around?  I'm amazed and concerned that my attitude has softened towards her now that Obama makes  her come off looking like an innocent school girl. Someones stench is beginning to smell like a rose. How did that happen?! Fecal matter is fecal matter and there's no way to change it into something grander or something it simply isn't or ever could be.

 Does anyone want to hear about my dream and what Satan does with fecal matter? "No?!" Okay fine. Talk at 'cha later.

*Disclaimer, I'm not suggesting Hillary is "THE" actual "she- monster" but as I had said before I believe they're merely close personal friends.

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