Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'll never give up me Jesus.

I dreamt of a man - a funny man who was in his thirties and living in his mothers basement. He loved reggae music and he would constantly watch  reggae  videos.( I heard his mother call him by name to come up from the basement but when I woke up I forgot who he was.). When people would ask him what he did for a living he would say something like, " I'm a music analyst and I study the effects of reggae music and how it relates to society and blah, blah , blah... He was really funny and proficient in B.S ,but what he doesn't  know is that God is about  to answer his mothers prayers because the poor woman has been praying for him for many years.

Someone is about to "come to Jesus" - "Mon"

*This is a ramdom photo and not "The" actual photo of the man I dreamt of. (hahaha)


Lola said...

Love the music!

Maybe there's too many 30 somethings living in their mothers' basements.

B.S. artists!

Anonymous said...

Cool! You should write stories, belinda, based on your dreams.