Sunday, May 2, 2010

I was stuck walking behind an old man riding around the grocery store in his "Jazzy- Scooter". He was about one hundred and fifteen years old and his scooter was pushing 1/22nd miles per hour. I had a list ( yeah, I make lists- Lot's of 'em and I carry them around with me constantly. -I know, it makes me laugh and I scorn at myself too) All I could think about was how far this man was putting me behind on MY list and MY schedule for the day. (You know what the letter  "A" of a type "A" personality stands for don't you?) Anyway I said to God in my head, "Dear God, I CAN'T GO THIS SLOW!"  When all of a sudden, you know with God being God and all, I heard him think ;) "bet me Belinda."

My foot hasn't stopped hurting since and I want my blog administrator because he always makes me feel better and that confession helped a lot too.

God if you want me to be a nicer person then why didn't you make me a nicer person to begin with? It would have saved us both a lot of trouble. XOXO Belinda

*Consider the person in your way the person who God has sent for you to deal with for a reason and Mr.Mason, I need for you to move your scooter and that's not my gun.


Lola said...

So funny!

I wish our Good God had made me a little better to start with too! (I likes you fine Belinda!)

Years ago I remember M. Angelica talking about this. Since then, I've tried to leave early if I have an appointment, but if I find myself behind those molassas drivers, I sometimes think that maybe my guardian angel is driving that car in front of me. Maybe I'd be in an accident with a texter if I'd been going the speed limit!

I hope your foot feels better in no time. I'm so glad you have a sympathetic blog administrator.

Angela M. said...

I read a story once about a woman who was in a rush. She was driving her car over the speed limit.She drove behind someone who was doing the speed limit and she cursed them. She passed them. Shortly after that the speeder went off the road, roller her car and became paralyzed. Who was the first at the scene to help? The one she had cursed.