Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sometimes pigs are people too.

I'm struggling with the defective parts of my personality ( AKA- my sins) and as usual  I feel as though I'm getting no where. I can see progress over  the decades but not weekly or monthly and I'd like to do better 'cause I'm  on a tight schedule. I don't have endless decades to spend trying to figure this stuff out and with me being- you know, sinful, I'd  like to get caught up to where I'm supposed to be -yesterday.  I get frustrated and angry with myself and so do the people who live with me. I think , "I'm going to die a sinner and there isn't much I can do to change that fact." 

But then I remind  myself of two things..... Confession heals broken people and Divine Mercy is my ace in the hole.  I can't save myself and if not  through Christ there will be no salvation for me. There isn't any other way.  

*Affirmation- doesn't my hair look fabulous?

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