Tuesday, June 8, 2010

 Our daughter Elizabeth is home from the school she attends in southern California  and we've been chatting about her life and the experiences she's had over the past 6 months. She's become fond of  a couple of  her teachers (a married couple)  and they have been so kind to her. Elizabeth said , "I sure would like to work for them on a professional project, they're really nice people , they seem "normal" and they're very talented. Then I swear ( Am I allowed to swear?) these people  called while I was talking to her about them. Just like the sponge bob square pants encounter!! They offered her this amazing job and I can't wait to tell you about it when she allows me to but I've been given a gag order for now.

I just want to say, God is so good and he doesn't forget his people who love him. Oh, sure it feels like he has us on "ignore" most of the time (hahaha)  but I assure you we are ever present on his mind. I wonder if he has anything in store for moi?

*Atheists are fools. I still love them though and the above music video is a clue but I can't say anymore.

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