Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear Mr. Montalban,
I too love Corinthian leather because it's kid proof and kids can be rather slimy and sticky. I also love uber Catholics like yourself although I usually avoid  the Catholics who enjoy righteously slapping people upside the head with their pre -Vatican II Baltimore Catechisms and who suck all the joy out of our faith, but then again I'm not too crazy about the liberal -"anything goes" Catholics either who think "they" are all they need to save themselves.(If they even think they need to be saved at all.) My favorite people are ones who are faithful to the magisterium and who share the love of Christ with one another in an honest, accurate, and joyful way like you had done.

From wikipedia-  In 1998, Pope John Paul II named Ricardo Montalban a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great the highest honor a Roman Catholic lay person can receive from the Church....

I found enormous opposition to my religion. It's like if you want to strengthen your biceps, you lift heavy weight, as heavy as you can handle, and work your muscles against resistance until it grows strong. I had to do that with my religion.
Ricardo Montalban

And yet I think of Christopher Reeve who said he would pay two million dollars to be able to feel pain again. What a courageous man! So I have to think that pain is a blessing.
Ricardo Montalban

*Warning to my children .. Never ever get into a pimped our Chrysler Cordoba -keep in mind, the luxury of yesterday is the sleaze of tomorrow.


Melody K said...

Ricardo Montalban was one of my favorites! Remember Fantasy Island?
(We used to get a chuckle out of "rich Corinthian leather"; not that the cars we drove back then ever had any!)

Lola said...

I still think Ricardo Montalban was one of the most handsome and attractive of men in Hollywood. I even suffered thru that Lana Turner movie, "Latin Lovers" just to see him.

It wasn't as bad as I feared.

BTW, another famous hollywood type who've been honored: Irene Dunn: Cross of Malta! http://www.answers.com/topic/irene-dunne

belinda said...

What do you have to do to get one of those crosses?!?

Vincenzo said...

Funny the night before you posted this I was laughing at a Montalban "Khan" photo with a friend.

Vincenzo said...

Is this close enough?

belinda said...

Close Vince but no cigar. It's all in the presentation.

Amy Michele said...

Your blog came to my email via a Google Alert for Christopher Reeve. Thank you for the art work on the blog. You may be blessed by the painting “Saint Joseph and the Infant Christ”, by Baciccio, Giovanni Battista Gaulli. The original is at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, CA.

Baciccio's style is High Italian Baroque bordering Rococo. Big. Very big and very grand. This painting uses Baroque in the tradition of Giatto to humanize both Saint Joseph and the Infant Christ illuminates the divine with subtle halos from both persons.

One time while writing about the painting, a gentleman of Chinese decent and religion asked me made it special. I'm not an expert at all. However, I explained how there are many paintings of Mary and Jesus that deliberately etherealize both Mary and the Baby. Most of them make Baby Jesus look like a little man who is so divine that neither his humanness nor his infancy is touched by realism.

Since Joseph is not considered the baby's biological father, but that God is, to portray both as humans with only the hint of divine broke tradition. In so doing the painting shows both Joseph's love for the baby and God's unconditional love through the family bond. The gentleman seemed already to know the Bible story, but his wish for my thoughts brought him close to me. Joseph who had not known Mary found Mary’s account of her pregnancy incredulous, but he was not going to let Mary be judged by the customs of the day (stoning). Instead, he was going to provide for Mary to live somewhere safe privately put away. It was after Joseph’s compassionate love that he had the dream telling him to wed Mary The painting shows that Joseph is overjoyed with Jesus’s birth and that Jesus loves his earthly father.

The gentleman said, "He is proud of his son. As he should be."

I did not know that Mr. Montalban had been honored by the Pope. I liked Mr. Montalban also.

About Christopher Reeve, I'm currently reading his book titled "Still Me". I recommend it and suggest that others learn more about spinal cord research and funding. Since Christopher Reeve's death, funding for spinal cord research has dropped drastically.

What most people do not understand, and which Christopher Reeve begins to touch upon in his book, is that any injury that affects the spinal cord affects an entire person because it is the central nervous system that is traumatized.

All research and learning and development for spinal cord injuries for quadriplegics and paraplegics helps every single person not only the paralyzed person. Spinal cord cells do not rejuvenate. The back injury a person acquires in youth while gyrating enthusiastically at the gym without correct understanding can begin to cause serious degeneration in years to come. Any surgery that one has on his or her back, and today improvements in back surgeries have increased these surgeries in leaps and bounds, often are not explained as to how they can cause problems for a person, because again the trauma is to the central nervous system.

Since you are Catholic, you might have your ethics about what is proper regarding both human embryonic stem cell and adult (non-embryonic but contributed from adults) stem cells research and treatment.

Christopher Reeve had access to extra funds to enable him to pursue many activities and treatments that most people do not have which contributed to the understanding of spinal cord trauma and treatment. It is so sad that his wife Dana passed away from cancer. Their son is still a teenager at this time. I hope that Will Reeve's grandparents are active in his life. Dana and Christopher Reeve gave Will and the world something exceptional. Dana with her spirit of giving, Christopher with his will, discipline, goals, and continuing purpose in life fill page after page of his exceptional biography.

Thank you if you allow my post.

belinda said...

Sure Amy, You can write what you like besides I would feel bad if I deleted you after all of the effort you put into your comment!

You Missy, did your personal best and it shows! ;)

I also love the art critique.

Do you know how people get awarded those Malta crosses by chance? Who do ya gotta know?