Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For you child's viewing pleasure....Charlie Brown - The cold blooded killer- 1972

A seller over on EBay wants $4.99 plus shipping  for this worthless reel.
The seller, like so many people on this planet,
seems to be in denial about his things and probably about himself - just guessing though.
Here are the problems with this particular reel.
Discoloration/faded cells
Wear ring from viewfinder advancement lever.
Faded and yellowed paper
Flaking paper
There's an additional freaky wear ring  around the inside of the reel that I don't understand and dings around the circumference of the reel.When buying reels check for bubbling , blistering , mold , blue emulsion spots, loose or missing cells  and scratches- which only can be seen through a viewfinder.
There- your all professional buyers now.
Remember to keep your reels in a cool dry place and away from children.Yeah, I know.... how ironic.

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Vincenzo said...

Wow I knew none of that. This is the most educational blog.