Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Irony is my third most favorite thing about God. It's witty, brilliant and at times so satisfying. I love it.
(Although, I never want to see anyone hurt.)

Our daughter Grace volunteers part time at a day care and I wasn't able to take her into work last Friday so I told her to call the office and tell them she wouldn't be in that way they wouldn't expect her or worry about her. So Gracie looked on the internet for the phone number of the child watch area at work and after she dialed the number a man answered the phone and Grace proceeded to tell him..."I'm not coming in today, I will be in on Monday." The guy said, "Who is this?!","What do you want?!" ,"What are you talking about?", "Who are you?!" All the while speaking rudely to my daughter. She said, "This is Grace and I wont be able to come in today" "I'm sorry but my mom can't bring me in, but I'll be in on Monday". When Grace hung up the phone she said, "Mom, I tried to call work but the guy I spoke with wasn't very happy said he that I called the wrong number. I said, "Well, who did you call Grace? "He said he was with child protective services.", to which I replied "And he was mean to you over the phone?!" She laughed and said, "Yeah."

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Lola said...

Ha ha haaaaHHaa!

Very good!

Thanks for the laugh Belinda, but boy does that guy need a little actual Grace in his life.

Rude People.