Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How should a follower of Christ expect to be treated anyway?

Lord, I want a beautiful home, with  a hot wife and make sure she has nooooo issues.
I want a cool car that goes really fast and with radar detection too.
I want great food and drink that doesn't make me fat and keep it coming.
I want the most fashionable clothing purchased from the finest establishments and I want lots of money.
 I want people to envy  respect me and for them to  know that we are our things.
I want people to hold me in high esteem and want to be me.
I want to come and go as I please and be accountable to no one.
I want to have sex when ever I want and with whom ever I please and with no consequences.
I don't want to be bothered with the poor or any of their issues.You know they're poor
because they're stupid or lazy or not as good of a person as I am.
I don't want to  take care of my parents when they're old besides they weren't the parents they should have been. I don't want more than two kids either but less would be preferable, anyway this is my body and I can do what ever I please with it and kids are expensive. Make sure that the children you do send to me are specimens of perfection, no handicapped kids for me Lord. Children with issues happen to other people who are examples of poor parenting or genetics. 
Don't ever allow disease to come for me, that too is something that happens to other people.
 (I go to the gym and eat healthy and I expect better results)
  Lord, I believe in you and I think I should be treated better than other people.
In return Lord, I will go to Mass and tell people I'm your follower.
( I wrote this in response to a woman who, though rich had told me she was done having children for financial reasons.  I will write about her again in my next post entitled, "Jesus gets the Limo, you get to walk."


Enbrethiliel said...


Jesus gets the Limo, you get to walk.

Belinda, if you ever start a bumper sticker business, let me know so that I can be your partner. We will make a fortune!

Pablo said...

Dear Miss Belinda,

Great post.

I enjoy reading the writting of the Saints, both living and deceased.

God be with you.



belinda said...

Thank you Miss E.
What song have you chosen to sing for us on your vlog? Start out by playing your guitar and then when your comfortable you can sing to us!!

Dear Mr.Pablo,
It's nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you weren't suggesting that I'm a saint because I'm really more of a sinner to be sure and I think about how deserving I am of hell several times a day. I fear I may end up there after it's all said and done. I keep repeating Jesus I trust in you.

Pablo said...

"My Jesus, Mercy"

Your blog is a very good one.

Only a Roman Catholic could produce it.

I would like to link to it from a web site I have. May I?

It would be good for people to see and learn how to be Catholic. I think you are a good example.

May God grant you never taste His judgement in the fires of Hell.

With the assurance of my Holy Rosary prayers for all your good work in the vineyard of the Divine Master, I remain yours truly in Jesus and Mary Immaculate.

Santa María de Guadalupe Esperanza nuestra, salva nuestra patria y conserva nuestra Fe.



belinda said...

Thank you Mr.Pablo,
Even my own children don't say such nice things to me. Heck, they don't even like me.

belinda said...

Don't anybody open the mail that has the chinese type characters. They are full of cooties, spiritual, and physical as they crashed my other computer.