Sunday, July 18, 2010

I dreamt that Rod Stewart stopped by my house to visit my husband and family. Mr. Stewart said something about me that was true but I didn't appreciate it very much ('cause it was true!) and I was reminded that God sends people who I have little respect or admiration for to correct me and apparently even in my sleep.  
I respectfully request Lord , that perhaps next time  you might consider sending Denzil Washington to correct me and when I'm corrected I would like to be given more specific information other than just pointing out my sins, which by the way I  feel really bad about. Maybe you could send people who would explain how to avoid committing those sins in the first place. Even so I understand that it's my responsibility to fix them - no one elses.
Love Belinda

Wouldn't it be weird if on Rod Stewart's blog this morning he wrote about a woman from Kansas who he visited in a dream -a woman who he felt little respect or admiration for and...... never mind.


Vincenzo said...


swissmiss said...

You can send Rod to my house.

swissmiss said...

Just noticed Rod brought along his rosary. In this case, I think we will have to fight over Denzel.

belinda said...

Miss Swiss, Rod was wearing a teeny tiny white speedo - I photoshopped that out whilst I hurled.

*The only photoshop abilities I have are to crop and rotate.