Sunday, August 8, 2010


Julie said...

At least three of the horses going by are lame. No "Animal Cops" back then, I guess.

belinda said...

I didn't even notice!

I did notice how thin people were especially the womens waists. I think some looked malnurished.

Everyone looked nice when they were in public. I miss that. I hate ball caps and sweat pants and I'm bored with my jeans. I bet these people smelled different... um, maybe not so good. Think about how little water they used compared to us!

Do you think if we saw a kid get whacked across the face in these old clips anyone would have stood up for them?

Julie said...

I think animals and people could expect to be cuffed around more back then. (Score one point for modern times)

I miss dresses. It's strange how hard it is to find a simple nice dress. And remember how everyone used to sew? Back in the '70's, if you wanted a dress, you simply found a pattern you liked and whipped one up, or your mother whipped one up. Nobody does that anymore.