Sunday, August 8, 2010

The nightmare I had about her lasted for about an hour, her nightmare lasted a lifetime.

I dreamt she was born in the early 1930's and as a child she lived without a mother and was raised by her uncles. When her uncles went to work in the fields she was left with a neighbor man who would hurt her but sadly as she grew there would be others. (Side note- one night as a teen she ran away and had discovered that she loved running and  wished to compete in track but it  never came to be.)

As an old woman now recalling her life, she spoke about the year 1950  as a time of  anticipation, hope and excitement for her future, believing that  the past was completely behind her and she would then have a fresh start only to discover that she was wrapped up with some sort of a sleazy photographer and again she was  used abused and the  target of unseemly men.

She's in her 80's now and struggling with her memories and with forgiveness. She's unwilling to forgive because she- as many others  falsely believe that by forgiving someone would mean  that Christ would no longer hold the perpetrators accountable for their sins and he would say, " Oh, it's okay, forget about it", and dismiss her  pain and any accountability on the part of the perpetrators but that's not the case. Christ is aching to heal her but she refuses to forgive when he asks her to. Christ can't heal her because her reasoning of justice and fairness etc.. wont let this happen. She refused to give the  pain that she clings to  to him.

I am praying that she will abandon herself to Christ and let go of even her very self.
Her salvation depends on it.
This dream was in black and white until I saw her enter into the 1950's
She liked the song "Rock of ages". I kept hearing her think-rock of ages cleft for me let me hide myself in thee, over and over again. I think it was the Holy Spirit trying to get through to her with something she had been familiar with.

* These above photos are only facsimiles of the people I've dreamt about. I haven't figured out how to download videos from my brain yet and this post as with every post I've ever posted does not have church approval. Your reading  my blog at your own desecration......

On a side note , the elderly women I dream about make me sad.... There was one I dreamt about a few months ago who had been a newspaper editor and she died alone and with only the "stuff" that she loved surrounding her. She loved her things dearly and had bragged regularly about them. She died with a new car  left in the garage as she never got to drive it and it sat in the garage for a long time. The newspaper, and her things were all she ever cared about - until her deathbed, where I heard her cry out to Christ  with only her mind as she became vegetative.

And another elderly woman who had been a thief during the 40's and 50's  and Christ was urging her to confess before she died.
She had traveled from town to town and good christian people would take her in and she would steal from them things that they usually didn't notice until it was too late and she was long gone....
You elderly people better get yourselves spiritually cleaned up. You actions mattered then and there are things Christ is expecting from you now...
Your souls are in peril and there are people like me who are deeply concerned.


Vincenzo said...

Thanks that was interesting.

Melody K said...

I love those black and white pictures. Belinda you ought to try writing (stories that is, you already write!) you could get your inspirations from your dreams. I want to hear the rest of what happens to these people.
You are right that people better get their spiritual life together and not wait until it's too late.

nazareth priest said...

You know,
my grannies, grandpas, aunts and uncles lived through this;
how absolutely horrid;
and yet;
they loved me so very much...more than my own parents, who by circumstance, did not and could not; I do love them ever so much, as well.
But I feel as if a child of the '50s and '60s, even if I'm only 50 yrs.
Such a complete "shift"...I'm so glad I was taught to love our Lord at my Grannies' visit the sick. the elderly. the unwanted.
How very grateful I am to these now deceased "witnesses" of faith;
thank you Jesus, and Mary; how can I ever thank you enough?
I would be lost; completely lost without the example of these, your servants.
Thank you, Lord. Amen.

belinda said...

Miss Melody, That voice in my head tells me that I'm not to concern myself with how it ends for these people. (I know how you feel) I'm told to do my portion by praying as hard as I can and then move on and give the situations, people and my prayers to God.

After I do my part, I'm to let God be God and he will take care of the rest. I trust him. Not knowing any additional information protects me from any added pain or frustration and helps with mental health. I have to be healthy for my family. As it is, I often wake up with migraines from crying in my sleep. If I found out that it ends badly for some of these people then I would be crushed and feel despair, though on occasion I know anyway.

I write about what I see in my dreams and I try to do it as quickly and accurately as I possibly can. God reads this stuff and I'm accountable for every single word and no matter how lame it is.

Thanks for being my blogger buddy, your very kind and supportive to me. ((((Melody)))