Friday, August 6, 2010


Julie said...

I've often wondered how the statues are anchored during these processions
These look a bit wobbly.
And those many ladies could you fit in a pew wearing such wonderfully large hats?

Melody K said...

This is a neat film, Belinda!
We used to have May crowning processions when I was a kid going to Catholic school. I loved the hymns such as "Bring Flowers of the Fairest". Nobody knows that one anymore.
Hope your migraine is getting better!

belinda said...

Aww, thanks Melody.

belinda said...

Creepers- like you return to the father of all creepers when they die. You have no idea how much pain you'll have to endure. I've seen demons and they hate us with a kind of hate that we can't comprehend. Your in deep spiritual trouble yet you seem very unconcerned.

I really hate porn and I don't have much respect for pornmeisters - like yourself and I'd like for you to go away if you can't play nice and contribute in some sort of a positive way to my blog.

Either way, your my prayer project for a while and you'll be hearing from my people.