Thursday, August 12, 2010

How much humility can one person take?

Dear God,
I've decided as an active member in good standing (eh, pretty much) of the body of Christ I respectfully request a change in body parts. I would  no longer like to be considered  as the "ass" portion of the body because  I've decided I'd rather  be the appendix  and here's why.  Well first off  to say that I've grown weary of being the ass is pointless and self explanatory, I've been one for a very long time and this change is long overdue. If I were saaaay, the appendix I would be accountable for some special but "unknown to man"  function  within the body even though honestly - I'd be mostly laid back, quiet and well hidden from view but all the while - busy, busy, going about your will  God  as an active participatory member but no one would ever notice me nor give me a second thought.

As the appendix, when I'm no longer needed I could go out with a burst bang which would look impressive to the entire body and additionally my departure would leave an awesome scar - one which would give the entire body pride and fond memories of me and yet they'd still function beautifully without me - never even miss me. Did I mention the impressive scar?

* Disclaimer -This ain't no pity party, I'm simply tired of embarrassing myself over stupid stuff. (A part of the human condition I suppose.) I wonder if I can offer up "embarrassment" for poor souls?


sehoy said...

Check out the Litany of Humility. I have to pray it often, as I'm a part of the sphincter of the Body of Christ myself. Somebody has to do it.


belinda said...

Your funny