Thursday, August 5, 2010

I dream in Catholic.

Wandering through the streets,
an unwed pregnant mother waits for a meal.
I listened to private conversations directed to broken people from holy souls.
Rebuilding the church from within- person by person -one at a time.
 - just another dream.
(I wont post conversations that could  hurt people no matter if it's pretend or not.)

The  photo above is of  the Cathedral Basilica of Philadelphia, though I've never really been there, I know where the kitchen is.... I dreamt I was hungry.....hahahaha

* This dream hasn't been approved, I do however have paypal verification if that helps any.


Vincenzo said...

"* This dream hasn't been approved, I do however have paypal verification if that helps any."

Hehe. Cool dream.

belinda said...

I wrote....
"I think after we're all micro chipped then Christ will return but I don't know and don't believe anyone who says they do."

Vince replied,
"We are gradually destroying ourselves, via chemicals, DNA engineering and there will be unintended consequences to all this tinkering. I think he'll return before our humanity is irreversibly damaged or erased in the name of science."

I agree that science (and chemicals) is killing us. I remember watching an Oppenheimer video and when they were creating the bomb they didn't know if it would wipe the entire state of Nevada off of the map OR if it would suck all of the oxygen out of the atmosphere only to suffocate the remaining people but guess what... they threw caution to the wind and did it anyway.

I also agree that the damage we're doing to ourselves is permanent (Sarah says this all of the time) but what we disagree about is how far humanity will sink before being rescued by God and I believe that's a question of sin and spiritual depravity and not of physical degeneration.

How much sin can God withstand before he's had enough? Some people will continue to tell God no and be rebellious with their very last breath which means that it would then become a spiritual sickness and not the physical one that determines Gods reply.

If not for the children and our living and dead saints making continual prayers and sacrifices on our behalf to God we'd be goners by now. I think it's just a numbers game now. How many souls can we collect for Christ before......

Melody K said...

I think your dreams are cool. I like that photo, it fits the mood of your post, a bit mysterious.
A lot of my dreams are just whacko; but some of them give me some insights. Not that I think I'm getting messages from God, or anything. Just some things I ignore and push away in waking life. I recently reconnected with an old friend because of a dream I had about her.

Ken Silva said...

Well, dreams aside; I pray that you'll come to the true Gospel of repentance and forgiveness of sins in Jesus Name - by God's grace alone, through faith alone in the finished work of Christ alone on the Corss.

belinda said...

Dear Mr.Ken, your cracking me up like nobodys business. I'll post just for you when my migraine's gone. I'm surprised that you couldn't see from my posted side pictures that I'm a bit of a "Jesus" freak.

I agree with you and believe that my salvation is entirely based upon repentance. Did I not make that clear? hahahahahahahahahahaha

P.S. When do you think Christ will return Mr. Ken? Personally I think it could be any time but if my headache explodes he could come for me by dinner.

Check back with me...