Thursday, August 26, 2010

My 5 things that bring me joy post - in no particular order.

1) When I receive a large package of pristine view master reels in the mail with MY name on the box!
(Whether I'm five or fifty years old - it doesn't  matter - sad but true.)

2) The cool things our children create bring me enormous joy, from their homemade soaps, makeups and cheeses to their paintings, drawings and sculptures made from fabric or clay. I also love their building projects and movies projects - which you will one day pay to see : )

3) I love it when my children -sensing my insecurities, hug me and tell me that they love me and think that I'm a good mom or when they mail a card that says's the same thing and it's addressed to "Mom Benson" on the outside of the envelope.

4) I love it when a mentally challenged kid is excited to see you even though you know you suck, and   it's crystal clear to everyone who knows you- knows that you do indeed suck, yet this kid acts like your somebody special and  he or she is really glad to see you -and they mean it.

5) I love it when my husband walks into the room and even though I know I suck, and it's crystal clear to everyone who knows me, knows that I do indeed suck, yet this man acts like I'm somebody special and he's really glad to see me -and he means it.

A few months ago I was doing something  for the poor and the boss of the organization came over to me and yelled at me because I brought the "items" in on the wrong day and it wasn't the "items" he had wanted me to bring in and as I bent over to put the items on the shelf all crest fallen and crushed a poor woman stood next  to me and said, " Thank you for helping us poor people, we appreciate it." I was so overwhelmed with joy I nearly kissed her on the face.


3puddytats said...

Although I don't have kids of my own it thinks it's so sweet when my neighbor kids bring me artwork or make chalk drawings for me in front of my house..


Melody K said...

In kindergarten my kids each made a plaster hand-print. I'm so glad I saved those; hard to believe those big guy hands ever were that small!

ignorant redneck said...

I know I suk. U know U suk, we know we suk.

that's why were Catholic, because we suck and need the help!

That's also why we don't buy off on the theology of St Iwemeus!

Lola said...

Oh Belinda, you can't suck as much as I do.

And honey I think you're peachy.

BTW, one of my very favorite Touched by and Angel episodes is when an angel is discovered among the 'group home' kids. Yep it was Chris Burke, 'Corky' from Life goes On.

Melody K said...

P.S. Belinda, I don't think you suck!

belinda said...

Thanks girls.. um, and Red ;)