Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm against it - 
I've been tagged again by Mr.Terry- over at the abbey.
(Terry's easily confused and will on occasion, tag himself.)

Naturally , I felt compelled to tag him back. I caught him off guard as he was  
 reading a little "Saint John of the cross" book entitled - "Jesus is my homeboy."
(Note the crucifix around Terry's neck and
the "Blessed mother stole my heart" tattoo on the inside of  his arm -pictured on the left.)
(Hey, I thought you wrote once that you were bald clear to the back of your neck?!)
It's no matter though, this next post is all about me....

Segue into my grouchy mode.......

What I'm against  is the foundation - the root cause of anything and everything that makes me angry. It's the reason why we have  abortions, birth control , gay marriage or attempts there of, serial remarriers,(not a real word) undisciplined religious with a liberal bent,  porn and or people who dress like porn stars and people who use -overt or covert manipulative behavior towards anyone especially the disabled, elderly or children. I repeat it's the very foundation of all there ever is or was for me to be against....

It's a lack a of Fidelity to Christ and his bride the church.
Nothing makes me angrier than a traitor Catholic, a person who had been born, raised, nurtured  and educated by our Catholic school system and most often at a high cost to their families financially or in personal man hours for educators and all of which they will never get back.
When these  now grown  children turn their backs on our church and use their education - the gift which we made possible, against us to enact or enable ideologies, laws and systems that go against the very foundation of our Catholic beliefs, well,  I find that as repugnant of a betrayal as a parent pimping out their own beloved child for personal gain.

We've become a nation of "Fleet wood Mac" band members with fidelity and loyalty to no one. Where promises and vows mean nothing and the people who get in our way are expendable as we are willing to allow others to crash and burn because we have no affection for the one who was, and is, and who is to come.

BTW..I would never vote for a pro choice Catholic simply because that screams to me a lack of Fidelity, to God, family, and friends and a poor sense of good judgement.  Let alone stating the obvious - abortion is murder.

I'm tagging Terry back as I request a meme of 5 things in life that bring him joy and I'm not including Jesus or our Saints. Simply - the little things of life and I tag anyone else who would like to participate.
That means you. : )


Anonymous said...

5 Little Things:

-My spouse eagerly getting ready to go to Adoration with me.

-our adopted grandson's excited joy when we come to visit.

-completion of a new art piece and realizing that it doesn't suck!

-finding a really good author whose books are gripping but don't make me want to go wash up and get to confession pronto.

-discovering that I lost ten pounds without trying very hard. (This one doesn't happen very often!)

3puddytats said...

What brings me joy??

1. Going to work...how many women out there work in an environment where 90 perent of the guys just looked like they stepped out of an issue of GQ?? And they aren't gay either.. :)

2. My 3 puddy tats-- they love me regardless and no strings. Good example of God's love.

3. A warm sunny day after 9 months of winter...palm trees are bonus points

4. A bald eagle soaring in the sky.

5. When someone sends me flowers at work "just because." :)

6. When the cheesecake comes out PERFECT :)


Julie said...

5 Little Things:

Taking clothes off the line after a long sunny day--infinitely more satisfying than simply pulling them out of the dryer.

cars slowing down to gawk at our llamas

the first Stayman Winesap apple of the season

the Perpetual Adoration chapel at one o'clock in the morning--just me and Him

Finding a Buster Keaton movie on tv

belinda said...

Whoaaaa, whoaaa, hold the phone Miss Julie.. Buster Keaton?!

Don't even get me started talking about view masters or Buster Keaton - who's birthday is coming up in a short 39 ish days!

My favorite movie - the cameraman and my favorite scene - hum, a toss up between the pool scene when he looses his swim trunks or when he's smelling that woman's hair when the parade passes by.

Julie said...

Wait a minute! Is this why your dog is named "Buster"? Yeah, I think I've read every Keaton bio out there, as well as Louise Brooks and Clara Bow. (They all had such unhappy childhoods...)
Anyway, my favorite Keaton scene is when the house falls on him during the big storm...or when he's driving that wagon with the mountain of household items...

Julie said...

That was "Steamboat Bill", of course.

Never was very charmed by Chaplin, strangely, though I liked "The Little Dictator"

3puddytats said...


Ah yes-- sun-dried sheets..I try to spoil myself two-three times a year...

This summer was extra special as I was drying them next to my roses which were in bloom...the sheets ended up having the most WONDERFUL rose scent to them..

Was REAL HARD to get out of bed the next morning..just wanted to lie there and soak in the aroma...


Julie said...

Sara- Rose-scented sheets sound sublime.
I had to yank up all my David Austin roses as the deer found them sublime also. Another battle conceded to wildlife.

Belinda-Ooh! Ooh! "the Great Train Robbery" -my very best favorite.

belinda said...

Julie, I went to the Buster Keaton film festival and met his granddaughter. I told her that I prayed for her family (yeah, I know I'm a dork) and she was so sweet, she asked me to pray for her father which I have done many times but I had this dream about her son (for his line of work)and had prayed for him even more. It was strange to see Buster Keaton's nose on this woman's face. She said her grandmother was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world at one time.. Wouldn't that be hard for a granddaughter to live up to.
She said she never knew about her grandfathers films until she was in college. He was just her grandpa and he liked to serve coke to his grandchildren on a toy train.

I heard gossip that Buster was buried with a rosary and a deck of cards so as to be prepared for where ever he would go. I have wondered if that was true or not.

*I don't remember the wagon train scene. I will seek this out.

I don't care for Chaplin. Did you know that Marcelline Day who was in the cameraman just died in 2000?!

I have to go but I will google who the remaining silent film stars are.

Julie said...

Ack -I'm the dork--I meant to say "The General" was my favorite, instead of "The Great Train Robbery".
I must've gotten overly excited and my brain switched off and I confused train titles.

What a treat to meet his granddaughter, though. I'm happy she seems to have had fond memories of him.

Vincenzo said...

"I went to the Buster Keaton film festival and met his granddaughter. I told her that I prayed for her family.."


belinda said...

Vince, I'm an embarrassment to my family when I tell people I pray for them, my family cringes but his granddaughter was so sweet and kind. I really liked her and for her alone.

Last week I had a dream of a woman and in the dream I heard her full name and I found her over on face book- there was only one, and told her that God loves her. Ana nearly died and said, "MOM DON"T DO IT". I figured, "Eh, so what, everyone wants to know God loves them. Who cares if she thinks I'm a dork. I did what I was told.
Thanks for the photo tweakage. It cracks me up. I was worried that you might have been hurt by my comments from yesterday - which is never ever my intention. Whew...