Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My five favorite devotions Meme:  A little game of spiritual tag with Mr.Terry -over at the Abbey.  

My spiritual resume doesn't look very snazzy on paper but I've never claimed to be anything other than a struggling mom/housekeeper anyway so here goes.
I have two seasons of spiritual life.. One is for when the kids are in school and the other for when they're at home . I don't know if the relationship I have with God is normal or not. I tend to think it probably isn't. I think of myself as a pin ball and I bounce around from this to that believing that I land where God wills and that's where my work lies. I don't pray on a schedule- I pray where I land.

My summer schedule when our children are home goes like this.
1 ) I go to Mass usually around twice a week but more if I can swing it. I prefer to go when the least amount of people will be there for reasons of social anxiety and because there are less distractions. I try to go to confession before mass and that's usually at least twice a month unless I've lost my temper for some reason, then I'll go more. I'm terrified by the thought of dying with unconfused/unrepentant sins and I pray that I die before I'm old and feeble or rendered unfit to drive myself to confession or mass.

2) If I run into you in my daily life (in any way) I consider it a sign that God wants me to pray for you. I don't believe in coincidences (but I don't go overboard with this line of thought either) so then my grocery store trip turns into a prayer and devotion to God as I worship God by the way I treat the people I encounter.... Which means sometimes I treat him badly - then it's back to Devotion #1

3) I think of myself as pulling up the rear in Catholicism and I worship God by taking care of other people and there are a million little things you can do- all day long, day after day to accomplish this task

4) I imagine spiritual communion and adoration often when I can't actually do those things.

5) I say "Jesus help me to do the things  I've been called to do" hundreds of times a day. (It helps with anxiety) and I also ask  the Holy Spirit to help me to not be deceived. At the end of the day I review my sins/ failures/ disappointments and I offer up all of my work that I had done for the day as a gift (- although crappy as it might have been) to Christ. Then I pray for souls as I sleep. Whether pretend or not -someones getting prayed for and when I wake up it's my favorite time of the day - conversing with God then my day's downhill from there.

Winter - in addition to most of the summer activities.
1) I say the rosary when I'm in the car, and I will often say divine mercy- and like I mean it.
2) I work out at the gym figuring it's good penance and I can offer it up for souls meanwhile praying for people while I'm there.
3) I _____ the ____ at least once a week and I ________ at _____  ______ to work off my purgatory time but every time I try to do something nice for God and his people he blesses me so I cant seem to make any headway on my accumulated purgatory time.
4) I do some sort of penances during the winter but only when the stress level from my children goes waaaay down. I ____ .
5) I participate in all Catholic seasonal activities, Lent, Easter, St Pats day- hahaha, seriously anything and everything Catholic- I'm there, just don't make me chit-chat.

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Melody K said...

Thanks for giving me some good inspirations; I especially like "If I run into you in my daily life (in any way) I consider it a sign that God wants me to pray for you", and "Jesus help me to do the things I've been called to do".