Thursday, August 19, 2010

 Fraud, the dirty rat, and the informant.

One of my gym buddies who tries desperately to look like Lil' Wayne (But then who doesn't?) works out for hours everyday religiously on the weights - the big 'ens too,  but in between his breaks he slithers along the floor  chaching  for women and yucking it up - or maybe that's just me choking on my own slobber as I work out and listen to him try his personal best to hook up.  My informant -who also doubles as my blog administrator tells me  he's seen the dirty rat at Catholic charities getting FREE food and so I'm left thinking -"What up?!"  Of course he might be mentally ill, how else could he explain hitting on women who clearly aren't interested and eating food intended for our destitute. I would say for sure though that  any woman who's willing to go out  with him,- let alone do anything else with him, would have to be insane.

My gym buddy has the same look on his face as Rob Pilatus (R.I.P.) - on the left,
you know the - "Are you buying this crap look ?"

(Girl you know it's true, I'm so in lust love with you girl. You mean a lot to me and I know a great little place where we could grab a bite to eat.)
 *Some people need to work on their spiritual abs life as their bodies are good enough already.

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