Sunday, September 12, 2010

My children were in a parade yesterday and so was I - by default.
 I walked behind the crowds and hid for the most part.


I'm on the left. The man on the right is not my blog administrator, thank you very much.

This baby was thrilled to pet and drool upon the dog. The dog  however wasn't thrilled with her.

There were hundreds of these "Life church" people and they passed out hot dogs and water to the crowds for free! Our little Catholic float couldn't compete with that feel good kinda stuff. (hahaha) They even had a rockin' band with cool outfits. Where's the suffering in that?!
- Besides my hot dog was cold.

 Here's my son wishin' he was with the Life Church crowd.
(Not really, even he knows how I feel about traitor Catholics.)

This flag was my favorite part about the parade- excluding that baby. 
My administrator said that flying the flag suspended between two ladder trucks was his idea. 
Cool idea- way to go Paul!
The view directly under the flag.

The very last band :(


Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Not to "rain on your parade" but I have 50+ "spiritual children" in our association of the faithful; plus all kinds of everything on top of that...I'm aging, as well; it's good to be old, yeah?
I feel in my bones every day; God, it's hard to get outta bed in the AM.
Great pics!
Love the baby with doggers...!

Vincenzo said...

Cool pics!