Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My son said to me, "Mom, when you get old and are in a wheel chair, I will put you in some wheel chair races!" I said, "That would be cool and when your dad gets old we can decorate his bald head."
 - Go and get me a pen.

For now the boy's gonna have to be satisfied with racing
 the poor unfortunate creatures he finds around our yard.
We found Bob - his pet frog, swimming in our party bucket of  ice water,
burr - May Bob rest in peace.
I have no idea how many turtles are living in our garden now. When ever he sees one along the road, he has to bring it home. The boy is clearly off setting the delicate balance of nature.



Melody K said...

That turtle kind of looks like the one we found in Subway's parking lot. I was with my sister and her daughter, who sounds a lot like your son, never met a lost critter she didn't feel sorry for. We were wondering what we should do, when a lady pulls up beside us. She said, "Oh, thank goodness! That is my turtle that has been lost!". We were having a feel-good moment about the happy ending. When we came out of Subway she was still there, however. She said "I don't think it's my turtle after all. He doesn't seem to know me. I'll still take him down by the river, though." We don't know how you tell if a turtle knows you. But at least we didn't have to take him home.

Enbrethiliel said...


What a sweetheart! Other boys might already be subconsciously thinking of nursing homes, but your little guy is dreaming of all the fun he'll still have with his parents when they're old and frail. ;-)

belinda said...

Miss M. Obviously she was a turtle whisperer. How else could she have known?

She didn't look like "Sylvia" from the Montel Williams show did she? Sylvia claims to know everything- but not so much about Catholicism.