Monday, September 20, 2010

We visited our daughter Ana at the Benedictine Abbey yesterday and while we were downtown I picked up a brochure about the city's haunted Halloween tours. It's where you can tour real haunted houses while riding in a trolley -just  like Mr.Rogers. I said to Ana, "I wonder if it would be a sin to tour these homes -ask one of your monk friends." She replied, "No, Mom, it's not a sin." "I go to catholic college and I know everything about the catholic faith, I know everything about everything."
(I'm thinking maybe it wouldn't be a good idea anyway.)

Someone should alert NASA and notify the Pope.
They might be able to put to good use Ana's vast wealth of  knowledge ;)

- Ana, one of Americas greatest natural resources to be sure!


Melody K said...

"I know everything about everything."
I had a kid like that. Then he got married. It's funny, but I haven't heard too much lately about all he knows.

belinda said...

I use to know everything too.
I miss my mind ;)

I lost it somewhere back in the late 80's