Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dear blogger buddies, I'm delighted to share my personal collection of stereo cards with you. Actually I'm pretty excited about it and particularly because I learned how to scan photos last week ! Yeah me!!

I haven't learned how to make the cards "wiggle" yet. When I learn to animate them you will see the left side over-layed on the top of the right side thus mimicking the three "D" effect. If you desire to see this in three "D" you can cross your eyes really hard (They wont actually get stuck that way.) then after a moment your eyes will see three pictures on the screen and it's the image in the middle which you view in three "D". Get it?

(This card was manufacture by H.C. White. Co. Chicago, NEWYORK, London Gen'l Office and Works , North Bennington, Vt., U.S.A.)
The "Perfec" Stereograph, (Trademark.) Edition de LUXE Patented April 14 1903

This card is titled-
5202 Venus Junior after the bath. Copyright 1901 by H.C. White co.

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