Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yea, Miss Melody follows me now, I love her!!
That's the best when someone knows you yet likes you anyway. Go figure.

*I'm pictured on the far right, my blog administrator is on the left - a real charmer isn't he?


Melody K said...

Belinda, I'm kind of slow sometimes. I didn't know how to do the follower thing, but I finally figured it out (it wasn't that hard). Anyway, I'm glad you don't mind having me there!

Melody K said...

P.S. Cute picture of you and your blog administrator; you look a lot like Herman and Lily!

belinda said...

Melody I giggled when I pondered how long we've been chit chatting, I think it's been a little more than two years. I wondered if you were on the fence this long when you chose to marry Mr.K. -where there was way more to lose. ;)

Melody K said...

Actually I pretty much made up my mind to marry my husband the first time I met him; but it took 3 years for it to actually happen!